Telegram TDLib error: UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN

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01.12.2021 — AuthKeyError: RPCError 406: UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN (caused by SendCodeRequest). I login to my telegram account with this code until yesterday …

If you get the error code 406 UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN, means that the TDLib version is outdated and must be updated to latest 1.7.9 version, the reason is that Telegram has migrate to 64-Bit identifiers and previous versions are not compatible, so

UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN · Issue #1758 · tdlib/td – GitHub

Have a look in the Telethon Updates Channel. Edit: The Patch is already released, just update your telethon like shown below. Quote:.

telethon: RPCError 406: UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN #3220

telethon: RPCError 406: UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN · Issue #3220 · LonamiWebs/Telethon · GitHub

14.06.2022 — How do I fix the Telegram error update app to login? · Update the Telegram app · Restart your phone · Clear cache data · Uninstall and reinstall the …

Checklist The error is in the library’s code, and not in my own. I have searched for this issue before posting it and there isn’t a duplicate. I ran pip install -U https://github.com/LonamiWebs/Telethon/archive/master.zip and triggered t…

Python and telethon: login error UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN

RPCError 406 UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN Telegram Update …

Telegram Error Update App to Login: 4 Troubleshooting Steps

Find out how to fix the ‘Telegram Error Update App to Login’ issue on your device start connecting with your family and friends again.

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